Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Player Characters from Hell ??. Part 2: The New Guys.

So, now we come to the others. Now one or two of these have played the odd rpg, some have even run their own games and campaigns, so you would think they might have come up with different styles of characters and read their rule books in depth ( oh..i should mention, this was one game i decided to spoil them with so got them all their OWN copy of the core rulebook ) 

How wrong was i !! 


So, what did they bring to the table ? Well....

We got a Lion, an Akodo who in his backstory had married a Matsu. Nothing wrong with that, that was until we decided to give him an old flame who happened to be a Crane Courtier, who hasn't taken her jilting or the fact he married another women very well..


Then we got the next Crab, a Toritaka, large and influenced by the other Crab player ( so no suprise there ) He's come from a family that has a fair bit of history, his Uncle is in league with the Scorpion, he has an overbearing mother who rules the family after the death of his father and  


We have a Phoenix who joined us later in the game and whilst good at her magic has also created something of the seductress, all be it one that her family doesn't approve of. 


Then we come to the Dragon. Your usual Tattooed monk. But wait ! Normal would imply he knows what he'd doing. Granted he knows what his tattoos do, but other then that..this is a Character who a few games in would remark when someone mentioned Rokugani " whats Rokugani ? "

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Player Characters from Hell ??. Part 1: The Old Hats

So, we mentioned it, we got around to creating characters and what have they come up with...A well balanced group ? A group that symbolizes all the values of Rokugan ?

Don't make me laugh !!

Now that simply sounds mean and it shouldn't. They all more or less thought long and hard over certain aspects of their characters. Some good back storys come out of the Advantages and Disadvantages they have taken ( can you say Dark Fate ? ) but when you look deep down you see some of the same old things from other Rpg's creeping in.

Am i hard enough to kill it ? If not then how hard do i have to become ?

Anyhow..i digress...back to what they created, then we will look at their " backstorys "

First we start with the folks who have already played five rings

We have the usual Hida Crab with a chip on his shoulder against certain Clans. Why is it that you hardly ever see some Diplomatic Hida's or Hiruma's ? i mean, they can't all be wall walking die hard's can they ?

To join with this we have a Kuni, heading down the usual witchfinder route and carrying some usual baggage ( more to come on all that later )

A Tsuruchi, who will come across as quite the lothario in later episodes, not that he ever sees something coming until its too late..Never had one at the table before so was intrigued to see one.

Then we have the Crane, this time a Kakita. Is he a duelist ? of course ! is he swimming in a sea of his own importance ? of course ! Does he come with quite a few flaws ? what do you think ?

Then we come to the new guys at the table.....

Saturday, 23 March 2013

So Why a Blog ?

Well, i guess its time to share with the rest of the world the fun and adventure ( and laughter and chaos ) that can come from Roleplaying. For those of you who already have experienced such then well i guess this is just another person take on a hobby that's always held a special place in their heart.

I started roleplaying back in the late eighties and it would take another ten or so years later to find a game that i absolutely adored. That was the Samurai Fantasy Adventure that was Legend of the Five Rings.

For those of you familiar with the system and setting there is little to say on it, but for those of you who may have heard but haven't tried it yet i would definitely give it a go. It may be a bit much for the usual hack and slashers to get their head around but  stick with it, if they can get their heads and imaginations into the setting and the possibilities then you will all walk away from it richer.