Saturday, 23 March 2013

So Why a Blog ?

Well, i guess its time to share with the rest of the world the fun and adventure ( and laughter and chaos ) that can come from Roleplaying. For those of you who already have experienced such then well i guess this is just another person take on a hobby that's always held a special place in their heart.

I started roleplaying back in the late eighties and it would take another ten or so years later to find a game that i absolutely adored. That was the Samurai Fantasy Adventure that was Legend of the Five Rings.

For those of you familiar with the system and setting there is little to say on it, but for those of you who may have heard but haven't tried it yet i would definitely give it a go. It may be a bit much for the usual hack and slashers to get their head around but  stick with it, if they can get their heads and imaginations into the setting and the possibilities then you will all walk away from it richer.

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